Design Style Guide: Nautical

This month’s Design Style Guide focuses on Nautical style. Easily recognizable, but not easy to pull off as it can quickly go from chic to tacky if you go overboard. I’ll break down this classic style so you can achieve that breezy summer cottage vibe. Read More

Inspiring Interiors: Creating an Urban Garden Oasis

Have you ever been in a room and thought “I wish I could have this for my own home”? It happens to me all of the time! I’m constantly finding design inspiration everywhere I go. From a fabric pattern on a dress, to the sleek lines of a contemporary building, I always find myself daydreaming about how I can incorporate different looks into my space.

A recent stay at the boutique Library Hotel in New York had me swooning so hard. Their lounge was everything I wanted for my balcony back home. Here’s how I was able to take inspiration from the Writer’s Den and turn it into my own personal urban garden oasis. Read More

Tricks of the Trade to Make Your Next Open House Your Last

Has your house been on the market way too long and you just can’t stand the thought of yet another open house? What gives? Why isn’t your home selling? Realtors will tell you the key to selling fast is a properly staged home.

Home staging is designed to make the home appeal to as many people as possible so that it sells fast and for the best price. You can hire a professional like me to get your home open house ready, or you can follow my 5 tips to make your next open house your last. Read More

Defining Design Terms: Vision Boards vs Mood Boards vs Concept Boards

It’s always good to be prepared when hiring a professional, in any industry. That’s why I’ve shared my tips on hiring an interior designer. But I also see a lot of confusion among clients surrounding some of the terms interior designers use. It’s helpful to know what these terms mean prior to embarking on a design project – the more you know, the more smoothly the process will go.

For the first installment of Defining Design Terms, I’m covering “boards”. You hear the terms vision boards, mood boards, concept boards, material boards… clearly interior designers love boards! But what does each one mean? Read More

Insider Tips for Hiring a Professional Organizer

Messy closet versus organized closet tips for hiring a professional organizer

Getting organized is tricky business. Sure you can clean up the clutter, but it never seems to stay clean does it? The reason most people can’t stay organized is because they haven’t found a system that works for them.

That’s where a professional organizer comes in. Professional organizers specialize in a wide range of services, from organizing your documents, to de-cluttering your garage, to clearing out your closest. We can even help you organize your time – and who doesn’t need that?

A professional organizer is a great resource for the chronically un-tidy to take advantage of, but how should you go about it? Here are my tips for hiring the right professional organizer for your individual needs: Read More

Design Style Guide: Eclectic

Interior design style guide eclectic kitchen design

This month’s Design Style Guide focuses on what is arguably the hardest style to pull off, yet it has the biggest impact when done right. Eclectic should only be tackled by the bravest of decorators – here’s my guide for those who are feeling adventurous! Read More

Insider Tips for Hiring an Interior Designer

Insider tips for hiring an interior designer feature image

Spring is a time for rejuvenation – the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining – it’s no wonder that after suffering through the long, dark winter people get the redecorating bug.  We’re desperate to liven up our spaces with a fresh new look.

Are you toying with the idea of hiring a professional interior designer to help revitalize your home but the process feels a little intimidating? I’m sharing my tips for how to go about finding, and hiring, the right designer for you. Read More

Love the Earth: Eco-Friendly Products You Need in Your Home

I try to live an eco-friendly life. I recycle, I walk instead of driving whenever possible, I bring my reusable canvas bags when I go shopping, I even bring garbage bags to the beach and on hikes to pick up any litter I happen to spot. But in the design world, it’s hard to put the Earth first. Construction, renovations, and redesigns all result in waste with perfectly good materials being sent to the dump. So I’m always on the lookout for products I can use in my designs that are friendly on the Earth, and my client’s wallet.

In honor of Earth Day, I’m bringing you my favorite eco-friendly products: Read More

Getting Organized: De-Clutter Your Home Office and Get Your Taxes Done

Taxes are due NEXT WEEK! If you’re like me and haven’t already filed, you’re probably feeling the panic start to set in. Have you been avoiding it because your home office is a total disaster and you know it’s going to mean hours of work? Have no fear – I’ve got you covered with my guide to getting yourself organized and ready for the dreaded T-Day. Read More

Design Style Guide: Transitional

Transitional style living room example interior design style guide

This month’s Design Style Guide is focusing on Transitional – my personal favorite and the one I use in my own home. Read on for all the details: Read More