Spring Cleaning Challenge: The Definitive Checklist for People Who Hate Spring Cleaning

We did it everyone! We survived another winter! Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to throw open those windows, clear the cobwebs, and get your home ready for endless summer parties! But let’s face it, spring cleaning is lame, exhausting, and honestly, no one ever really does it. Instead of packing all that cleaning into one weekend, I’ve come up with an organizing guide that lets you spread it out over the next 12 weeks. By tackling one area at a time, you’ll get it all done and it won’t feel so overwhelming. Once you’ve finished the challenge, summer will be here! (Yes, summer is just 12 weeks away!) I’ll be tweeting and Instagramming the tips each Saturday morning as a reminder, so be sure to follow me! Read More

Seasonal Style Guide – Welcome Spring Into Your Home With Open Arms

Winter may have tried to hold on for dear life (did you all survive that crazy blizzard last week?!), but spring has finally arrived! Time for flowers, sunshine, flip flops, and skirts! It’s easy to get your wardrobe springtime ready, but what about your home? Here are my 3 favorite seasonal home décor trends to welcome spring with open arms! Read More

Designing Your Own Space in Your Own Style

The internet has revolutionized home decorating. With websites like Pinterest and Instagram, inspiration and design ideas are just a few clicks away. But what happens when your Pinterest boards get out of hand? You think you have an idea of what you want your space to look like, but all this gathered inspiration has you feeling overwhelmed. Well don’t stress! I have 5 tips that can help you design your own space, in your own style, and make it look like you hired a professional. Read More

Tricks of the Trade to Make Picking Paint Way Less Scary

Color is scary. Picking paint is the decision my clients agonize over the most. It’s understandable – the color you choose will set the tone for the whole room. It feels like a permanent decision because of the work involved in repainting if it turns out you hate the color. But choosing the right color doesn’t have to be scary. I have 5 tricks that will make picking paint a breeze! Read More

Design Style Guide: Mid-Century Modern

Example of a mid century modern living room for interior design style guide

This week’s Design Style Guide covers Mid-Century Modern – a classic, timeless style that is becoming popular again in a big way. Read More

A Professional Organizer’s View of Organizing Fads: Why KonMari Doesn’t Work for 90% of My Clients

Perfectly organized capsule closet KonMari method of organing

“I emptied everything out like she says to do and once I saw the piles, I lost all ambition and now my bedroom is messier than ever with mountains of things covering every surface. I could barely get myself dressed this morning!” – actual quote from an actual (frustrated) organizing client.

If you are even remotely interested in organizing, you’ve heard of Marie Kondo and her amazing organizing technique: KonMari. It’s a smash hit among the chronically disorganized who are looking for a quick fix to their big mess. But, like most fads, this system doesn’t work for everyone. Here’s why: Read More

Woman Crush Wednesday: 5 Designers I Can’t Get Enough Of

In honor of Valentine’s Day and all of the love that’s in the air, I’m dedicating this week’s post to inspirational female designers I love love love. These ladies inspire me in all sorts of ways.  I hope you’ll check them out and get inspired too! Read More

Design Style Guide: Contemporary

Last week I announced the start of my new series “Design Style Guides”. Each month I will be bringing you a detailed guide to popular design styles which will include the time period, how to spot the style, and notable designs or designers. To kick off the series, I’m covering Contemporary – a style that took hold at the end of the last century and is still popular in homes today. Read More

Design 101: A Quick Guide to the Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Today I’m bringing you a quick overview of some of the most popular styles in interior design right now.

One of the things my clients struggle with most is putting a name to their personal style. Why does this matter? Having a clear vision of your personal style before beginning a project will result in a smoother process and easier decision making. It’s easier to google “Farmhouse Chic kitchen” and get inspiration instantly rather than having to scroll through thousands of generic “kitchen inspiration” photos.

Every month I’ll be delving deeper into each and every design style to bring you a comprehensive guide including details about furniture, patterns, colors, and where to shop to get the look you want. Read More

The Hygge House: Simplifying Your Home to Simplify Your Life

Hygge style simple moment flowers mirror artwork

Have you ever adopted a philosophy about how you want to live and you’re sure there must be a word for it but you don’t know what it’s called? This happened to me over the last year. I live in a small space that was beginning to feel claustrophobic. And it’s no wonder: my boyfriend and I each run our own businesses out of a shared, 600-square-foot apartment! Read More