Getting Organized: Rework Your Kitchen & Own the Holidays

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Fall Cleaning Challenge for People Who HATE Cleaning

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Getting Organized: The Keys to a Stress-Free Back to School Week

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Getting Organized: Tips for a Stress-Free Move to College

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Getting Organized: Clear Your Email Clutter

This month’s Getting Organized post focuses on sorting through your emails. Inbox: 0, here you come!

Insider Tips for Hiring a Professional Organizer

Messy closet versus organized closet tips for hiring a professional organizer

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Getting Organized: De-Clutter Your Home Office and Get Your Taxes Done

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Spring Cleaning Challenge: The Definitive Checklist for People Who Hate Spring Cleaning

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A Professional Organizer’s View of Organizing Fads: Why KonMari Doesn’t Work for 90% of My Clients

Perfectly organized capsule closet KonMari method of organing

“I emptied everything out like she says to do and once I saw the piles, I lost all ambition and now my bedroom is messier than ever with mountains of things covering every surface. I could barely get… Read More

Getting Organized – Using Time Management to Achieve Your Resolutions

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