Craft Class 101 – A New Series Starting Next Month

This week, I’m sharing a not-so-hidden secret about me. There’s another side to me that my Instagram followers can tell you all about – I love to craft! From an early age, I was always creating – whether it was designing houses with my Legos or cross-stitching dish towels for my aunts, I always had a project I was working on.

A few years ago, I decided to combine my passion for crafting with my love of interior design and created a unique line of handmade home decor items. Once I had made enough items, I hit the craft fair circuit and now I do a few shows each summer. I love the world of craft fairs. The vendors and customers alike are all friendly, willing to strike up a conversation, and share their own experiences and crafting tips.

At my most recent event, I was asked over and over again how I made certain items. It’s a question I love getting asked because along with being a creative person, I’m also a teacher at heart and enjoy sharing my tips. This made me realize – if this many people are interested in how I make my items, maybe my blog readers would be too! So I’ve decided to create a new series for the blog called “Craft Class”. I’ll share with you my step by step instructions for making some of my most popular home decor items. All of my items are made from recycled, reclaimed, or natural materials so the cost involved is minimal – all you need to invest is your time!

Next month will be the first installment and I’ll be showing you how to make my number one seller: Rock Salt Jars! These beauties can be used in so many ways – candle holders, vases, desktop organizers, makeup brush holder, kitchen utensil organizer… the possibilities are endless. And they can be customized to fit your own decor (I’ll show you how!)

If you want to follow along with my Craft Class posts, be sure to follow me on Instagram where I will announce the newest project as soon as it goes live on the blog!

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