Craft Class 101: Rock Salt Jars

Welcome to the first official KM Home Interiors Craft Class! Today’s lesson is my best seller: Rock Salt Jars. This project can be completed in a weekend and I’ve broken it down into 8 easy to follow steps.

The Tools:
Empty Salsa Jar
Duck Brand Adhesive Remover
Mod Podge Matte
Epsom Salt poured into a plastic container big enough for dipping your jar
Plaid Clear Acrylic Sealer
Spray Paint in your color choice (I chose turquoise and coral)
Hot Glue Gun and 1 Glue Stick
2mm Jute Rope

The Step by Step:
1. Soak the jar in warm, soapy water for at least 1 hour. This will make removing the label a breeze.

2. Once the jar has soaked, use the adhesive remover to get off the stuck on glue bits.

3. After removing the glue bits, give the jar a good washing inside and out. You don’t want any food left inside, and you want to clean off the excess adhesive remover on the outside – this will let the Mod Podge will adhere to the glass. Let dry fully before continuing on to step 4.

4. Once your jar is dry, brush on a thick coat of Mod Podge and then roll the jar in the salt, covering the jar evenly. If any salt gets on the thread of the jar, brush it off – this is where the jute will go later on. Let the jar cure for 24 hours.

Reminder: Once the salt is on the jar, only hold the jar by the threads. Touching the salt will cause it to come off.

5. After the jar has cured, spray it with two coats of the Plaid Clear Acrylic Sealer, letting it dry for 1 hour between coats. (The directions on the can say 15 minutes, but I found 1 hour was best).

6. Once the jar is sealed, you are ready to paint it! Angle the can of spray paint so that it is pointing underneath the jar, not at it – this is what will create the ombre effect! Let the paint dry for 1 hour.

7. Wrap the jute around the thread of the jar. I like to go around the entire thread twice to ensure even coverage of the jute. Use the hot glue to dab the jute in place at the start and end of wrapping.

8. Trim the jute to the length you want, glue on some shells to the end, and you’re done!

Just like that, you’ve made your very own Rock Salt Jar that can be used as a candle holder (electric candles only!), flower vase, pencil holder, makeup brush organizer, kitchen planter… the possibilities are endless!

I hope you all enjoyed this first installment of Craft Class 101! Next month I’ll be showing you how to create a rustic Chicken Wire Memo Board.

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