Craft Class 101: Rustic Chicken Wire Memo Board

This installment of Craft Class 101 fits so perfectly with fall! It’s my rustic chicken wire and antique frame memo board. Super easy to put together and the finished product will look store bought!

The Tools:
Wood Picture Frame
Sandpaper, 60 Grit or Higher -or- Sanding Sponge
Chicken Wire
Staple Gun
Wire Cutter -or- Pruning Shears
Needle Nose Pliers
Measuring Tape
Sawtooth Picture Hanging Kit
Work Gloves to protect your hands
Mini Clothespins to hang your notes and pictures

The Step by Step:
Safety first: put on those work gloves. Freshly cut chicken wire is very sharp!

1. Remove the glass, backing, and matting from the frame.

2. Lightly sand the frame to remove any splintered edges. This will also help enhance that yummy chippy look on painted frames.

3. Trim the chicken wire so that it is 2” larger than the picture frame.

4. Using the staple gun, staple the chicken wire to the back of the frame, working your way around. It should be stapled on each corner as well as 1 – 2 staples on all sides (depending on the size of the frame).

5. Fold over the points in the chicken wire using the needle nose pliers. This provides an extra secure hold as well as prevents the chance of injury on the sharp ends.

6. Measure the center point on the back of the frame where the picture hanger will go. Attach the hanger and you’re done!

Mini Clothes Pins are the perfect finishing touch!

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