Design Style Guide: Boho

This month’s Design Style Guide is all about the decor of the modern-day hippie: Boho. This relaxed style focuses on a spiritual connection with nature through patterns, fabrics, and calming colorways. Read on to learn all about this free-spirited look:

Definition   This style can go by a few names: Boho, Bohemian, or Boho Chic. All mean the same thing – a style that is more about a way of life than how you decorate your home. Hippies, gypsies, artists, and free spirits all gravitate to this look. Boho is all about relaxed style that is meant to elicit a sense of calm and being centered when entering the space.

History   Boho is a modern day design style that evolved from the hippie lifestyle of the 1960’s and 70’s. It was important to have a place to gather with friends, relax, become one with nature, and develop a community of like-minded people. The Boho of today is a trendy take on hippie culture that still embraces these core concepts. The ideals of free expression, getting back to nature, and creating an inviting, comfortable space to relax with your social circle is an important part of the Boho philosophy.

Spot the Style   Boho Chic is a little bit tricky to spot as it often incorporates elements of Native American design, Moroccan, and Eclectic. Look for nature-inspired colorways that revolve around sandy beige, rusty reds or oranges, ocean aquamarine. Fabrics are cozy and well worn. Vintage items from the 60’s are often incorporated such as the classic papasan chairs and bohemian area rugs. Patterns are inspired by Native American designs. Thoughtful materials such as natural fibers, reclaimed wood, feathers, and glass or crystal accents are incorporated to create a spiritual connection between home and the natural world. This connection to nature means Boho designs also feature plenty of plants, literally adding life to the space.

Notables   The only name you need to know in Bohemian style is Justina Blakeney. She literally wrote the books on this free-spirited style. She knows that this is so much more than a design style – it’s a lifestyle. With this in mind, Justina created Jungalow – a lifestyle blog for the modern day Bohemian hippie.

Where to Shop

1. Daisie Rattan Chair from Grandin Road
2. Kathline Coco End Table from Beachcrest Home
3. Rose End Table from Bungalow Rose
4. Modern Feather Chevron Wallpaper from Walls Need Love
5. Classic Bohemian Accent Pillow from Taoson
6. Bohemian Crystal Chandelier from Pier 1 Imports
7. Bohemian Damask Multi Rug from nuLOOM

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