Getting Organized: Tips for a Stress-Free Move to College

I know, I know. It’s only July and stores already have Back to School items filling their shelves. So annoying! While your elementary age children don’t need their backpacks just yet, your college bound kids should already be preparing to head off to school. There is a lot to coordinate for college. It’s not just pens and notebooks. It’s moving, sometimes across the country, dorm room necessities, and of course the vital shower caddy. Here’s everything you need to do to get ready for college life.

Hire a Mover   While a mover isn’t necessary for students living in dorms, many upperclassmen will be renting their own houses or apartments. For places like Boston and New York City, this means that thousands of students will be descending upon the city during move-in weekend (typically the first weekend in September, when leases begin). Rather than dealing with the headache of parking and lugging all of your boxes to a fourth floor walk-up, leave this to the professionals. It’s well worth the investment and will make move-in day a lot more fun for student and parents alike.

Scope Out the Dorm   For students who will be living on campus, it’s vital to know what their dorm room looks like before moving in. They should be receiving a list of included items (typically just a bed and a desk), rules about decorating, and a checklist of necessities. Trust the list. Colleges and universities have been doing this every September for many years and they know exactly what students will need to make living in dorms as comfortable as possible.

If decorating is allowed, measure the wall space allotted to each student so you know exactly what you can bring to add a personal touch. Some dorms provide a cork board for students to use that can be personalized with washi tape and patterned paper.

Many students tend to overpack in preparation for their first year living away from home. Double check exactly how much storage space each student is given (hint: it is way less than you think!)

The Most Important Item: The Shower Caddy   It seems straightforward enough: a shower caddy should include the bathroom essentials like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, a razor, and a mirror. But actually, there’s a bit more to it than that. Waterproof flip flops are a lifesaver – you have no idea what kind of germs may be lurking on those shower floors! Well-traveled folks also know that no bathroom kit is complete without a bottle of Poo-Pouri – all embarrassing odors will be eliminated with a couple of sprays.

The right caddy is just as important as what you put in it. Choose a waterproof one with a handle and plenty of compartments for organizing the essentials. Caddies range from basic plastic all the way to patterned fabrics, so it’s easy to find one to fit your needs and style. Often there won’t be anywhere to leave the caddy except for on the floor, so include a pack of disinfecting wipes to clean the bottom of the caddy once you are done in the bathroom – you don’t want to bring those germs back into your dorm room!

And Finally, Don’t Forget the Pens!   Seriously, the deals on school supplies are really good right now. Might as well stock up, you’ll be going through a lot of notebooks and pens over the next year!

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