Seasonal Style Guide – Brightening up Your Home to Survive Those Gray Winter Days

Winter is upon us and here in the Northeast that means short, cold, dreary, gray days that we are just trying to survive until Spring decides to bless us again with her warm winds and bright, beautiful flowers.

Everything seems to lose its luster in winter. Color drains from the world, even in our homes. My brightly colored quilt that I keep on the back of my sofa gets traded out for a dark burgundy fleece blanket. My flowering plants are dormant for the winter, the dark green leaves are all that’s left. It’s easy to see why so many people feel down during the winter months. There’s nothing cheerful to look at!

So how can you add some winter-appropriate accessories to liven up your home? Here are my 3 favorite winter decorating tips to help you survive these dreary days:

Seasonal style guide inspiration winter white room blog post

Indoor winter wonderland by Aiken House & Gardens

1. Create a Winter Wonderland Inside  Doesn’t the world look magical and inviting after a snow storm? Everything is so fresh and clean. Bring that feeling inside with as much white as you can cram in! White throw on the back of the sofa, white pillows on the arm chair, white runner and place settings on the dining table, white blankets in the bedroom, white towels in the bathroom. Go full out white for winter! This room by Aiken House & Gardens has it all: white linens, white stockings on the fireplace, white candles, white accessories – a true indoor winter wonderland!

Winter 2017 seasonal style decor guide blue macrame wall hanging

Blue macrame wall hanging by Teddy & Wool

2. Get Trendy with Tapestries   Macramé and woven tapestries are everything right now. They aren’t just beautiful pieces of art. The woven fabric adds a feeling of warmth to the space – much needed in the winter. You can find countless artists on Etsy making beautiful, hand-woven works of art. Most come in the standard “macramé cream” but many artists are now offering dip-dyed options. They are a great way to add pops of color without painting the walls. My current favorite artist is Rianne Zuijderduin. Her pieces are vibrant and beautifully detailed. It’s the perfect little pop of color to brighten up your space!

You can check out Rianne’s shop, Teddy & Wool, here.


Fiddle leaf fig winter decor style guide week 3 blog post

Lively fiddle leaf fig by The Decor Fix

3. Make Spring Happen Now   My favorite decorating tip, no matter what time of year, is to always have plants or fresh flowers in your home. It not only adds life (literally) to your space, but it adds pops of much needed color. Orchids in the bedroom give the space a boutique vibe while succulents in the kitchen add a colorful, trendy touch. Look for plants that are vibrant green all year long such as fiddle leaf figs. These guys are going to be the succulents of 2017 (i.e. they’ll be EVERYWHERE) and they are super easy to care for. The best part about these gorgeous giants – you can plant them in large, bright pots, adding yet more color to your space.


Have any other ideas for getting your home through the drab winter months? Share them here or on Facebook!

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