Seasonal Style Guide: Fresh Fall Ideas for Your Home

I have a big announcement: Fall is my FAVORITE!

Hands down, this is my favorite time of year. The sun is still warm but the air is crisp. There’s tons of fun outdoor activities like hiking, leaf-peeping, and apple picking. Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays and I love spending weeks working on my costume. And of course, I just love Fall home decor. Here are my top tips for bringing that inviting fall style into your home:

Break Out the Flannel   One of the best Fall activities is curling up in a flannel blanket for a hayride through a pumpkin patch. So why not bring that coziness into your home with a gorgeous flannel throw for your bed or pillows for your sofa? But that traditional red and black plaid is better suited as a shirt for lumberjacks than a chic accent for your home. Instead, check out the buffalo check pillow covers from House of Pillows on Etsy. I love pillow covers because they let you easily change up your look seasonally and are much easier to store away when not in use than an entire throw pillow.

Incorporate Fall Colors   When you hear “Fall colors” your mind immediately goes to the oranges, reds, and yellows of the changing leaves. But Fall is so much more than these traditional tones. Look to your produce section for inspiration – Fall is the season of gourds, eggplants, and apples. This means chocolatey browns, dark purples, and deep golds. Check out this unconventional Fall tablescape by Mandy Kellogg Rye. No pumpkins and acorns here, Mandy incorporated these seasonal browns, purples, and golds to create beautifully rustic, stylish spread. I’m in love.

Bring the Outdoors In… In Moderation   It’s easy to think acorns, pinecones, pumpkins, and leaves are a great way to decorate for Fall, but too much just ends up looking tacky. Use these decorations in moderation for a chic seasonal look. Try a simple pinecone wreath on the front door, hurricane lamps accented with a few dried leaves, or a centerpiece of white pumpkins for a new twist on a classic look. The key is to use these decorations sparingly for a stylish Fall home.

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