Seasonal Style Guide: Halloween Decor That’s Chic Not Cheap

As you all know, Fall is my FAVORITE!

Absolutely, hands down, this is the time of year I love the most. Pumpkin picking, apple pies, and Halloween decorations all make me feel like a kid again. What’s more fun than turning your home into a haunted house? (Nothing, that’s what!) But Halloween decorations aren’t exactly… stylish. So how do you celebrate without turning your house into one of those pop-up Halloween shops? Check out my tips for putting together stylish, not cheesy, Halloween decor:

The Halloween Tree   It was only a matter of time before the Halloween Tree would become a thing. If you all remember back to last year, social media was flooded with people showing off their multiple Christmas tree displays. I don’t know what it is, but we just love sticking trees in our homes and decorating them! For those tree-crazed folks who just can’t wait for Christmas, you can put it up now and decorate it for Halloween. Not sure exactly what a Halloween Tree is? Check out this stunner from Ella Claire.

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to the Halloween Tree, you can still add some festive foliage to your space with these Halloween wreaths from Target.

Put a Little Spooky In It   If you are like me, you have already outfitted your home for fall. Once you have those autumn touches in place, it’s easy to add a fun Halloween twist to them. The obvious choices are the fake spider webs on the front door wreath or a few fake bats hanging from the ceiling fan. But do those things really say “stylish”? Instead try going dark… really dark… as in black.

Set a spooky table with the Backig dinner set from Ikea. Accent your black dishes with gold flatware, a few black iron candelabras from World Market, and a Helena Black Linen table runner from Crate & Barrel to create a sophisticated Halloween tablescape.

Create Your Own (Chic) Pumpkin Patch   Pumpkins are the decoration for this time of year. There are countless ways to decorate with pumpkins beyond the standard jack o’lanterns. Look for unique sets like these velvet pumpkins from Mud Pie. Candle cloches always add a touch of elegance to any decor and these pumpkin-shaped cloches from Pottery Barn can elevate any centerpiece or fireplace mantel. For a rustic, but still scary, touch, place this trio of fabric pumpkins in a basket in your entryway or going up your stairs.*No sponsored content: My blog is 100% sponsor and advertiser free! When I tell you about a product or company I love, you can trust that the opinion is mine and not paid for.

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