Seasonal Style Guide – Warm Up Your Home With These Hot Summer Looks

Ahh, summer is finally here. Time for long days at the water and equally long nights by the bonfire. While the Southwest is experiencing record heat, here in the Northeast, we’ve had over a month of dreary weather. So how can those of us suffering from cloudy skies start to make the most of summer? I’m bringing you my three favorite seasonal home decor items to add a pop of brightness, excitement, and summertime cheer to your space.

Trendy polished brass planters home decorMove Over Copper, Brass Is Here   In my spring style guide, I pondered if copper was starting to fade in popularity and urged you all to get in one last touch of the rosey metal before it officially went out of style. Well folks, copper is out! Highly polished, almost gold-toned brass is here and it’s hot like the summer sun. I can’t help it, I’m giddy over these Swedish brass planters. The polished finish reflects light, instantly brightening up whatever spot they call home.


Eat on the Water   I love changing up my tablescapes with the changing seasons. It’s a small touch that makes a big impact in the dining room – an often overlooked spot for seasonal home styling. From candle holders and gold charges in the winter, to burlap and acorns in the fall, it is so easy to change out the look for each new season or holiday. For a fun, summery table that will make you feel like you’re on the water, check out this seafoam and white set from Gaia Group. I love two tone dinnerware and this also happens to feature my favorite shade of blue, so you know I’m smitten!


Create a Tropical Bathroom Jungle   My clients can all tell you, one of my top decorating tips is to include plants in your home. It adds color and life (literally) to your space making the room much more welcoming. Usually this is reserved for a fiddle leaf fig in the living room or some herbs in the kitchen. But plants in the bathroom? Yes! This was one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments for me. After seeing this trend explode on Pinterest in recent months, I’m a firm believer that yes, plants do have a place in the bathroom. Just check out this amazing bathroom jungle if you don’t believe me:

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