A Decade of Design

10 years ago I graduated with my degree in interior design. I was ready to hit the ground running and get my career started. Along the way, health issues constantly derailed me, but I never lost my passion for design. Here’s my story: a decade in design and the bumpy road that led me to starting KM Home Interiors.

My first time going out after my surgery

I always knew residential design was for me. I love the personal relationship I get to build with clients and working one on one with the people who will use the space. I also knew that living with ulcerative colitis meant I was going to be limited in my ability to perform the work.

In the early years of my career I was definitely idealistic. I thought I could be the next Genevieve Gorder if I just pushed myself hard enough. I didn’t want to admit that UC was holding me back. Finally, after leaving 2 different jobs due to my illness, I came to the conclusion that the design industry was just too demanding for someone with my condition and took a job at a medical facility not far from my home. I had amazing coworkers and an incredible boss, but I was miserable. It wasn’t the work I wanted to be doing.

And then the dreaded news came: I had precancerous growths in my large intestine. I had two options, wait for it to become cancer and go through chemo or have my large intestine removed. For me it was an easy decision. I had lost my stepdad to cancer the previous year. There was no way I was going to play the wait and see game.

After the surgery, recovery was slow. I was in and out of hospitals and doctors offices over the next 3 years. In the meantime I had left my job at the medical facility and was trying, once again, to follow my heart by starting my own design firm.

My last (hopefully forever) surgery was in October 2016. I’ll never have the strength and stamina of a healthy person, but my passion for interior design has only grown. I love running my own company, I’ve expanded my services to focus on the areas I’m truly excited about, and I’ve been able to use my company as a way to give back to charity. And that brings us to The Crayon Initiative!

All the time I spent sick and in hospitals is why I’m so passionate about The Crayon Initiative. It’s hard enough dealing with hospital stays as an adult. I can’t imagine having to go through it as a child. That box of crayons represents so much. Smiles on the faces of children going through the unimaginable. A few hours of coloring to forget where they are. Relief for the parents to see their kid just being a kid.

If you would like to help out this great organization, you can donate money here: DONATE

My amazingly supportive guy who has been by my side through it all

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