Love the Earth: Eco-Friendly Products You Need in Your Home

I try to live an eco-friendly life. I recycle, I walk instead of driving whenever possible, I bring my reusable canvas bags when I go shopping, I even bring garbage bags to the beach and on hikes to… Read More

Seasonal Style Guide – Welcome Spring Into Your Home With Open Arms

Winter may have tried to hold on for dear life (did you all survive that crazy blizzard last week?!), but spring has finally arrived! Time for flowers, sunshine, flip flops, and skirts! It’s easy to get your wardrobe… Read More

The Hygge House: Simplifying Your Home to Simplify Your Life

Hygge style simple moment flowers mirror artwork

Have you ever adopted a philosophy about how you want to live and you’re sure there must be a word for it but you don’t know what it’s called? This happened to me over the last year. I… Read More