Design Trends: 2018 Colors of the Year

Every year, Pantone and all the major paint brands release their “Color of the Year”. Each one is carefully considered and helps direct the home design trends we will see in the coming months. But it’s one thing to know what the Color of the Year is, it’s another thing to be able to incorporate it into your home. Here is my breakdown of the Color of the Year from the top color trend predictors and how you can use it to spruce up your space.

Pantone’s Ultra Violet   Of course Pantone is the most famous color trend predictor. Each December, the design world holds its breath, waiting for the announcement. And we were not disappointed this year! Ultra Violet is bold, in your face, and a complete 180° from last year’s soft and understated Millennial Pink.

How to Use It:  Purple naturally lends itself to being an accent color in a neutral room. Grab a few Ultra Violet throw pillows, picture frames, and vases to add a color punch to your living room, dining room, or entryway. If you’re feeling extra bold, purple is a perfect shade for creating a romantic and exotic vibe in the bedroom so paint your walls or grab new bedding.

Benjamin Moore’s Caliente   Taking the “going bold” concept one step further, Benjamin Moore announced Caliente as their Color of the Year. A deep, confidant red is not for the faint of heart. Red is a favorite accent color for designers as it draws all of the attention and is perfect for creating a focal point or statement piece.

How to Use It: Red is known to increase appetite, making it the perfect choice for charger plates and a table runner for the dining room. Be confident in welcoming guests with a Caliente front door. Add a bit of energy and fun to your living room with a red accent chair. Red can easily overpower any space, so be sure to use it thoughtfully and sparingly. You don’t want to feel like you’re living in the Red Wedding scene from Game of Thrones.

Sherwin Williams’ Oceanside   I feel like it’s no coincidence that my favorite paint company selected my favorite tone as their Color of the Year (they finally got my letters)! Oceanside is a jewel tone blue with hints of green that will have you dreaming of beach days. Blue is consistently ranked as the most popular favorite color around the world. It is calming, welcoming, and helps spark creativity – no wonder it is so loved worldwide.

How to Use It:  Blue can be used just about anywhere, in any room, but this bright jewel tone is best used sparingly if color makes you nervous. Start with an Oceanside area rug, curtains, or bedding. If you are on the adventurous side, this tone would make for a daring wall color in a home office or library. Watch your productivity skyrocket as you surround yourself with this soothing ocean shade.

Valspar’s Breathe Deeply   Another ocean inspired jewel tone, Valspar’s Color of the Year Breathe Deeply (or Restorative Deep Green) is the Atlantic Ocean green to Oceanside’s Pacific Ocean blue. Like blue, green is a universally loved color that creates a calming, welcoming environment. Green is also known to be a healing tone, hence the reason it is so often used in hospital settings. But there is nothing clinical about this color. Breathe Deeply is rich and exciting.

How to Use It:  Rich jewel tones are great for small spaces like mudrooms or powder rooms. Jewel tone cabinets are also becoming a big trend as people are starting to shy away from all-white kitchens. Dip your toes in the color cabinet water by painting the lowers Breathe Deeply while leaving the uppers bright white.

Behr’s In The Moment   The first paint company on the list that stayed with the neutrals trend of 2017, Behr’s In The Moment is a safe bet for anyone who wants to keep up with trends but is a little afraid of color.

How to Use It:  A “bluish” tone (the combining of blue and gray), In The Moment is soothing, welcoming, and a perfect color for highlighting architectural features like a custom built-in, kitchen cabinetry, or a fireplace mantel. This calming color is also a great choice for nurseries – a newborn’s eyes need neutral tones to help development and it pairs perfectly with just about any accent color, letting you customize the nursery in baby’s favorite colors as they grow.

Dutch Boy’s Sandstone Tint   The final company on the list, Dutch Boy (like Behr) decided to stay with the neutrals that were so prevalent last year. Neutral walls offer a great way to change out the look of your space throughout the year. Sandstone Tint is a greige tone (the combining of beige and gray) that can be modern or traditional, farmhouse chic or urban industrial.

How to Use It:  This color appeals to a wide variety of people, making it a great wall color choice if you are planning to sell your house this year. Like In The Moment, Sandstone Tint is also a smart choice for a nursery.

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