Gifts I Want to Give My Home This Christmas

I’ve checked my list (twice!) and my home was extra good this year. It deserves a bundle of presents for being so great. Here’s my list of gifts that every home deserves to get on Christmas morning:

Wall Charts from Pop Chart Labs
Pop Chart Labs has charted everything from food to rap to shoes. Their pieces check all the boxes for me: Geeky? Check! Organized in an OCD way? Check! Visually beautiful? Check! I desperately want one of their architecture posters for my office but can’t decide which one. The Architecture of American Homes obviously fits perfectly with my residential design business, but I also have a collection of blueprint art which coordinates nicely with their The Schematics of Structures. At only $29 a piece, I think I may just have to splurge and get both!

Everything from Batch Decor
There are those that say macrame is on its way out as a design trend. To those people I say: if loving macrame is wrong, I don’t want to be right! Take one look at the amazing work of Jennifer from Batch Decor and you’ll agree with me. I’ve been following her Insta feed for a while now and I always lose my mind over every new creation she puts up. She has an amazing talent for weaving fibers into beautiful pieces of art, and she does it all while wrangling her yarn-loving cats, which is even more impressive! I especially love when she combines fibers, plus her macrame plant shelves are genius. I’ll take one of everything please, Jennifer!

Statement Piece from West Elm
Last spring I finally managed to create my own little urban garden oasis. For the first time my plants actually thrived and survived the summer! Now that the frosty nights are here I’ve brought them inside for winter. But the planters don’t exactly fit in with my living room decor. That’s why I have my eye on these turned leg standing planters from West Elm. The high wood legs of the stand keep the plants up off of my carpets, while the design adds a touch of style in front of my otherwise boring sliders. Because I don’t use it in the winter, it’s okay to place them all in front of the door, allowing the plants to soak up the (minimal) winter sun.




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