Looking Back to Look Forward – Recapping 2016 and Things to Come in 2017

Like most people, I make New Year’s Resolutions every year. It’s the usual stuff: eat better, exercise more… all of the promises we make to ourselves and never keep. But last year, I did something different. Rather than making resolutions for myself, I made them for my business.

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2015 was a rough year for me personally. I had a lot of health issues that totally sidelined my business. I was ready to throw in the towel to be honest. While recovering from surgery, I realized that my business wasn’t failing because I was bad at business, it was failing because I had lost focus.

So in December of 2015, I sat myself down and thought about what I wanted out of my business. I knew I wanted a whole new look. I was unhappy with my website and branding. It didn’t reflect me or my design style. I also knew that I wanted to get into designing fabric and wallpaper patterns. I have a sketchbook full of patterns and ideas but never took the time to make those ideas a reality. And I knew that I wanted to share my knowledge with others through design workshops.

So there they were, my 2016 business resolutions:

  1. Rebrand my business
  2. Learn how to turn my pattern sketches into actual fabrics and wallpapers
  3. Create workshops where I can share my design knowledge with others

I’m so excited to be able to say I accomplished all 3 goals! I love the look of my new website, business cards, and overall brand. It truly reflects my design aesthetic of “traditional meets trendy”. I discovered the wonderful site Spoonflower which allows me to upload designs to create fabrics and wallpapers. I’m still playing with the final patterns, but my store should be open later this year! (Stay tuned for that announcement!) And finally, I was able to develop a design workshop where I taught a wonderful group of ladies my top interior design tricks for decorating their home. (A huge thank you to the ladies at Re-Claym’d Market for hosting that fun night!)

By focusing on what I wanted out of my business, I was able to make 2016 my most successful year yet! It’s been an exciting year! Along with achieving my 3 business resolutions, I also checked off another goal by selling at a craft fair for the first time. Creating home décor items is a hobby of mine that I do in my spare time. Selling at CRAFT-O-RAMA showed me that it is actually an extension of KM Home Interiors.

I’m taking everything I learned in 2016 and building on it to make 2017 even better. I’ve made 3 new business resolutions that I hope will keep me focused and having fun! It all starts right here with this blog. I love writing about all things design related but I’ve never dedicated myself to the blog like I wanted to. So this year, my first resolution is to post 1 new article each week. Every Wednesday I will be bringing you something new (starting with this post!). I’ll be covering everything from current design trends, to organizing tips, to design style guides, and even answering your pressing design questions!

As I mentioned, I love creating home décor items, but I’ve always looked at it as just a hobby. I have an Etsy shop where I list my items, but like my blog, it’s been neglected over the last 2 years. I’ll be putting more effort into keeping up my Etsy shop, starting with a new look for the page and changing around what I’ll be offering. My goal is to post new items once a month, keeping up with the latest home décor trends and sticking to my design philosophy of creating items from recycled or reclaimed materials.

Finally, I’m going to be more social! When I’m in the middle of working on a project for a client, I tend to lose focus on anything else. I forget that I have social media followers who are interested in seeing my work and learning about interior design from me. Deep down, I’m a teacher at heart, and I love sharing my knowledge of interior design and organizing with others. Social media is a perfect way for me to do this! So along with my weekly blog posts, I’ll be posting on Facebook and Instagram – everything from behind-the-scenes looks at current craft projects to sketches and materials boards of my latest designs to photos of my favorite architecture and designs that I spot during my travels.

So there they are, my 2017 resolutions! I hope you’ll join me as I grow, learn, and continue along my design journey. What are your resolutions for the New Year?

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