Material Guide: Wall Coverings

Next up in the Material Guide series, I’m talking all about wall coverings. There are so many options beyond paint and each gives your room a different feel. From classic wallpaper to boho woven grass, I’m breaking down each type of wall covering, their durability, care, cost, and best areas to use them.

Paint is far and away the most popular choice for walls. Once you get beyond the scary part of picking the color, the rest is easy. You can quickly repaint scuff marks, it washes easily, and changing your look is as simple as changing the color. But what if you want a more dramatic look? There are so many more options for walls beyond paint. Here’s my guide to all wall coverings, from paint to tile and beyond.

Ideal For is the best location in the home for each material.
Care is ease of keeping the material clean and cared for (does it need yearly sealing? That would make it “difficult” to care for).
Durability is how long you can expect the material to last on average and with proper care (low = 1 – 3 years, medium = 3 – 5 years, high = 5 – 10+ years). Durability is affected not just by how long a material lasts, but how resistant it is to staining, fading, chipping, or cracking.
Cost is based on the average cost of the material, per square foot, and in relation to other materials. For something like stone tile, where there is a wide range in price depending on type of stone selected, I went with the average cost for the highest end stone, putting it in the $$$ slot.

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