Seasonal Style Guide – Welcome Spring Into Your Home With Open Arms

Winter may have tried to hold on for dear life (did you all survive that crazy blizzard last week?!), but spring has finally arrived! Time for flowers, sunshine, flip flops, and skirts! It’s easy to get your wardrobe springtime ready, but what about your home? Here are my 3 favorite seasonal home décor trends to welcome spring with open arms!

Copper   Blush is hot right now. It’s a color with many qualities: romance, sophistication, happiness… and copper is blush in metal form. While it seems to be about to hit its peak at any moment, copper is still safe to incorporate into your home. I love seasonal décor items for this very reason: you get to constantly change and update the look of your home, without investing too much time or money. By the time copper is starting to fade as the trendy metal, summer will be here and it will be time to revamp your look all over again! My favorite copper décor items are the spun copper planter by Yield Design Co (left) and these hexagonal, copper framed mirrors by Little Extras (right) .

Artisan Décor   DIY home décor is so last year. 2017 is all about quality over quantity. We want handmade items that look like they were made by a professional, because they were. Keep an eye out for artisan items that can brighten up your space and create a fresh new look for the new season. My favorite website for artisan goods is Novica. Everything is handmade by artists from around the world. The embroidered pillow covers are by an artist in India and add the perfect pop of spring color. The blue glass, hand-blown vase, from an artist in Brazil, is a touch of spring that allows you to display fresh flowers.

Natural Wood   Spring is all about getting back to nature. What better way to bring the outdoors in than by incorporating natural wood into your decor? Luckily you don’t have to replace your kitchen cabinets to get this trendy look. Adding a few pieces here and there will give you the fresh, clean, ready-for-spring feel your home is craving after a long, dark, cold winter. Check out these natural wood, paint-dipped candle holders by Easy Wild.



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