Woman Crush Wednesday: 5 Designers I Can’t Get Enough Of

In honor of Valentine’s Day and all of the love that’s in the air, I’m dedicating this week’s post to inspirational female designers I love love love. These ladies inspire me in all sorts of ways.  I hope you’ll check them out and get inspired too!

Genevieve Gorder inspirational female interior designer women crush wednesdayGenevieve Gorder   She is the reason I became an interior designer. I remember the days before HGTV. The days when home decorating wasn’t as hot and trendy as it is now. I had this natural desire in me to rearrange every room I entered, I spent hours building mansions out of Legos, and even more time designing rooms in my sketch book. But of course I couldn’t make that my job! Right? And then, there she was. Genevieve Gorder – one of the designers first featured on the show Trading Spaces. I was in love. I saw this fun, creative, empowered woman designing rooms FOR A LIVING! What? That’s a real job?! Yes, yes it is. And thanks to seeing her on TV, I got inspired to become an interior designer myself. I love what I do and I owe a big debt of gratitude to Ms. Gorder for inspiring me to follow my dreams.

Inspirational female interior designer Blanche Garcia for woman crush wednesdayBlanche Garcia   Another lady I discovered thanks to television! Two years ago I became hooked on Hotel Impossible and, more specifically, on Blanche. Her unique design style, inspirational posts, and pure confidence all keep me hooked, checking in every day to see what’s new. Now that she’s doing her own thing away from the TV spotlight, I’ve fallen even harder for her. Every day she shows us glimpses into her life and her projects. Working for myself, I don’t get many opportunities to be social with fellow designers. Blanche is one of the few celebrity designers on social media who responds to every comment with words of encouragement and it’s great to get that bit of interaction with her.

Woman crush Wednesday furniture restorer inspiration Lynne ellen j goods medina NYLynne of ellen j. goods   On a trip to Niagara Falls a few years ago, I made a brief stop in the small town of Medina, NY. I instantly fell in love with its charm. I got to meet the mayor and, after telling him I’m a designer, he suggested I take a stroll along Main St to check out one particular shop: ellen j. goods. I was hooked the minute I stepped inside. A vintage and antique lover’s dream come true, the shop is full of carefully restored and refurbished furniture and home décor items. As I browsed the endless treasures, a wonderful woman approached me and we began what ended up being an hour long conversation about restoration and decorating. It turns out, this amazing lady was Lynne, owner of the store! By the end of my visit, I not only had a new source of inspiration, I had a new friend. I’m always amazed by the pieces Lynne is able to find on her treasure hunts. And once she finishes refurbishing them? Forget it! I die with happiness every time I look through her Instagram.

Woman crush Wednesday DIY inspiration Mandi Gubler of Vintage RevivalsMandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals   I discovered Mandi after she was named a top blogger by Better Homes & Gardens in 2015. She is my DIY idol! Little background about myself: my stepdad was a trained carpenter and though he didn’t make that his career (he ended up becoming a baker), he kept his workshop stocked with all the tools of the trade. Every weekend in my house was another project that kept him busy for hours. But I was so afraid of the table saw that I never stepped foot in the workshop to learn from him. In 2012 my stepdad passed away and I was left with no one to guide me on all of the furniture restoration projects I wanted to dive into. Mandi has become that person for me. Reading her blog and her how-to’s gave me the courage to tackle the big projects. Last summer I finally picked up a circular saw, cut up some wood, and completed my first big project! There’s something really empowering about stepping into my dad’s workshop, which is now mine, and using his tools to get creative. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Mandi showing me how easy, and more importantly, not scary, DIY can be!

Farmhouse chic interior design inspiration kitchen of Maggie 505 Sunday Drive woman crush wednesdayMaggie of 505 Sunday Drive   I’m slightly obsessed with Instagram. Photography is one of my favorite art forms, so of course I lose hours every day, scrolling and hitting that heart. Recently, I discovered Maggie of 505 Sunday Drive. One look at the photos of her kitchen was all it took for me to hit “follow.” Her sense of style and ability to stage a room are truly inspiring. I love following people with different styles than my own and her Farmhouse Chic flair is incredible! I maaay have slight designer envy at just how beautiful every one of her photos is. (Seriously, I plan on stealing her countertop idea for my own home someday!)


Who do you love to follow for design inspiration?

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